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Success Story…

“Our customers are utilizing the most powerful software in their industry, bar none. Now, with KORVUE's recent integration of the KEOP embedded architecture, our client's product database is automatically sync'd with their vendor's most current availability.

This powerful combination of technology makes it simple for even the most novice user to place and track their orders electronically. Plus, order status is automatically delivered to their PC. It just doesn't get any easier than this.”

M. Lubo Trifonov
Chief Technology Officer

Web site: www.korvue.com

Recent News…

Transitions International Group is utilizing a custom implementation of KEOP™ as a centralized ordering portal between their vendors and nearly 60 locations worldwide.

SourceAll™ extends integration of KEOP™ technology into their Web-based production sourcing and collaboration software. This advancement will help centralize and streamline SourceAll's exchange of information between America, China, India, and Pakistan.

MortgageCRM™ has completed the integration of KEOP™ Status and Alerting technologies into their system. This move provides unparalleled live and personalized communication between the client and their loan process.

Product Information…

The KEOP GID™ is a global ID that is unique to the world. Each company, product, and service that is maintained within the KEOP network is assigned a GID.

For companies, there are several GID levels, each having different capabilities. Generally, these levels are:

• Client • Broker
• Retailer • Distributor
• Manufacturer • Agent
• Freight • Customs

If you are interested in acquiring a KEOP GID, or would like additional information, click here.

Learn more about KEOP GID…

The KEOP GNET™ is a Global Network where information is made available by KEOP users. Users can collaborate, quotations and orders can be electronically executed, order status can be tracked live, and much more.

KEOP GNET extends a wide variety of user controls and preferences, such as event-driven e-mail and cell phone notifications. For additional information, click here.

Learn more about KEOP GNET…